Calling Letter

Calling Letter

Letter for Calling Upon

Financial Supports for New-Born Buddha Statue in Peace Park 
   Linh Son Lumbini Temple – Where the Buddha’s Born
Most Venerables, Reverend Bhisksus, Bhisksunis and all  Linh Son Buddhists as well as all Vietnamese Buddhist all over the world.

Namo Sakya Muni Buddha
As devout Buddhist, We are deeply grateful for the Birth of Buddha, he who has eradicated suffering of countless sentient being from all walks of life, Buddhists and non–Buddhists through his teachings. To express our sincere gratitude to the Enlightened One and his teachings, I hereby, on your behalf, make a vow to build a New-Born Buddha statue in Peace Park, Linh Son Temple, Lumbini, Nepal. The entire construction project will be built and supervised by me on behalf of all donations from peoples around the world.
Situated on a 120m x 120m land (or more if required) in Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha. The New-Born Buddha Statue will be propagator of the peace, love and happiness. It will be place of pilgrimage and worship for Buddhists of all tradition which can accommodate up to 3000 people. The architecture, engineering and construction include a 12m high New-Born Buddha statue, standing on a 3m lotus, above a 8m supporting structure. The overall structure, being 23m - 25m, is expected to cost more than 2 million USD and it shall be funded entirely through donations.
With over twenty five years of experience working in India and Nepal, we are fully aware of the great difficulties of this project, both in term of its engineering and financial aspects. However, with our faiths in the Triple Gems and  Dhamma Protectors, we are determined to carry out this difficult and important mission. Let us pray to the Buddha in the Ten Directions and Protector of Dhamma for the success of this project. I hope all Most Venerables, all Sangha member together with Buddhists and non-Buddhists in the world will be supportive in whatever ways. As this project, constructing a Buddha Statue, is one of the highest meritorious deeds of all, it is highly encouraged that everyone takes the opportunity to contribute in whatever ways and most importantly to share the merits of this deed.
May we dedicate merits to you and your family and wishing everybody wellness and happiness always.

Money can sent to:
By Western Union.
Name: Cuc Thi Phillips (Ven. Thich Nu Tri Thuan).
Address: Linh Son Viet Nam – Chinese Buddhist Temple
P.O Distt. Kushinagar 274403 U.P India.
Those who send money to the Temple, please send the password of the Bank , sender name, amount of money to us for the receiving money purpose through:
Mobile: 0091 9936 837270; 0091 9936 178 621
Donors are requested to contact through email and Mobile number for instructions on preferred mode of donations




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